‘Watch Out!’ Tahoe Car Crash Videos Go Viral as Snow Blankets the Region

Via South Lake Tahoe Towing/Facebook

A towing company in South Lake Tahoe is going viral sharing videos of cars sliding around the roadways as snow continues to the blanket the region.

Multiple videos posted by South Lake Tahoe Towing on Facebook depicting slow-motion pileups in the area are becoming viral. The first video shows a Mazda disabled on the side of Needle Park Road behind Heavenly Valley Lodge. Up the road, a Porsche and Tesla are smashed together, with the Tesla’s lights blinking away. Moments later, a Land Rover passes by the accident, loses traction, and slides backward into the Tesla. A voice in the video can be heard yelling for people to get out of the way.

The second video, called “Ice Road Tahoe,” shows a Lexus approaching the accident from the opposite direction, spinning out, and slowly coming to a stop without hitting the other three vehicles. This video has garnered 108,000 views and received comments from Tahoe NIMBYs and anti-California Nevadans alike. Some found the video “amazing” and the “crunch into the Tesla soooooo satisfying.” Others shared their thoughts on karma and posh laughter before the car slid off the road.

The third and final video shows the Tesla sliding into the Porsche from the driver’s seat of the Porsche, with the driver calmly filming the slow-motion slide. All three videos depict the dangerous and chaotic road conditions of the area during the winter season.

These videos serve as a reminder of the importance of safe driving during the winter months, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions like Lake Tahoe. With icy roads and unpredictable weather, it’s crucial to maintain a safe speed, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and stay alert at all times.

They also highlight the importance of having a reliable vehicle and understanding its capabilities during winter driving. A four-wheel-drive vehicle does not guarantee safety on icy roads. Always drive cautiously and be aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents and ensure a safe and enjoyable winter driving experience.

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