WATCH: Professional Cliff Jumper Performs Insane Flip Off Potem Falls

Northern California local Robert Wall has been lighting the internet on fire in recent years with his cliff jumping exploits both locally and around the globe. He has grown to nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram and has seen worldwide coverage for his incredible jumps from terrifying heights.

Although Wall has had plenty of mind boggling jumps around the world, he also spends plenty of time filming stunts in NorCal. He recently posted a jump from Potem Falls, showing him perform a massive flip off the 70 foot waterfall. Watch the video:

Just a crazy stunt. Here’s our obligatory reminder that Wall is a professional and a jump of this magnitude should not be attempted by ANYONE.

We’ve covered Wall’s stunts extensively on this website, including launching off a 100-foot ropeswing into Lake Tahoe, performing a quadruple flip off McCloud Falls and his appearance on The Flow State documentary. To see more of his amazing stunts, follow him on Instagram.

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