Whiskeytown NRA is Hiring for a Few Great Outdoor Jobs

Photo: National Park Service

Love hiking the trails at Whiskeytown? Ever think about joining the team and making those trails better? Want to be a key player in the recovery of Whiskeytown?

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is hiring a few really cool jobs that will assist the park in transitioning into a new season following the devastating Carr Fire. The positions are centered around the cleanup of trails and preparation of the rainy season.

Here are the jobs that are currently being offered:

Maintenance Worker (Trails) – closes Thursday, Dec 27 

The incumbents will assist in storm patrol, cleaning out of roadside ditches, and clearing of culverts before and after storm events as an ongoing effort after a devastating fire burned all of the park’s land. In preparation of storm events, the incumbents will take preventative measures to clear drainage features of trees, brush, burned and downed logs, and rocks and debris. Incumbents will assist Heavy equipment operators in installing rock armor to drainage areas and culvert inlets as necessary. 

Read more or apply for the job here

Forestry Technician (Wildland Fire Module Crew) – closes Wednesday, Jan 2

A Wildland Firefighter (GS-04 Forestry Technician) is a skilled wildland firefighter on a Wildland Fire Module. May be assigned to carry out specialized assignments such as tree falling, backfire, and burnout operations; utilizes a variety of specialized tools, equipment and techniques while actively managing wildfires. May be required to operate light vehicles and 4X4s.

Read more or apply for the job here

Forestry Aid / Technician (Fire) – closes Tuesday, Jan 22

The National Park Service (NPS) is looking for temporary employees to work on a variety of wildland firefighting crews. Work may include working as a crew member on any of the following types of crews: Hand; Helitack (helicopter); Engine; Fuels Crew.

Read more or apply for the job here

Archeologist – closes Thursday, Dec 27

Perform basic archeological field work necessary to assess the fire and potential postfire impacts to cultural resources and determine if stabilization treatments will be necessary. Perform surveys, site documentation, and condition assessments; record data and prepare survey records; conduct excavation and testing of archaeological sites, including the careful recovery of sample materials. Communicate with, and assist BAER project leads to support compliance, monitoring and consultation requirements.

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For all information on jobs at Whiskeytown NRA, go here

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