Why Does Mammoth Get So Much Snow? Here’s the Science Behind It.

Mammoth Mountain made headlines in recent winters for producing some epic snowfall. In February, 2019 they broke a 30-year-old snowfall record and had the most snow of any ski resort in North America. Then, three months later, the resort recorded its snowiest May ever.

There’s a reason why Mammoth records humongous snowfall totals every winter, especially compared to its Sierra Nevada brethren. It’s called science and the above video shows that while you’re enjoying the fun of the winter snowfall, some people have made it their entire lives.

Eluding to Mammoth Mountain founder Dave McCoy, local weathercaster Howard Sheckter had a lot to say about how the location of the moutain is perfect to grab the most snowfall during the winter season.

“Dave really picked the right mountain to put a ski area on,” Sheckter proclaimed with a smile. “He couldn’t have done a better job.”

Sheckter likened the mountains surrounding Mammoth Mountain to that of a sponge, which absorbs the water on one end and dumps it onto the ski resort. Basically, because weather moves southeast into California, Mammoth always sees some of the white gold when the storm hits, even if it’s much stronger to the north.

The weather process is important at any ski resort, both for providing riders pertinent information and for ensuring rider safety at the resort. Mammoth has a comprehensive process to determining forecasts and analyzing snowfall after storms.

The above video is so cool for any weather or ski nut, as it shows the science behind the massive snowfall on the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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