With Windy Conditions in the Forecast, NorCal Could See More PG&E Shutdowns this Week

With prolonged dry weather and the forecast of high winds this week, it’s possible Northern California could see more PG&E power shutdowns.

The National Weather Service is predicting winds of up to 35 mph in the valley on Wednesday and Thursday, a strong indicator of likely elevated fire risk.

And although PG&E hasn’t announced any definite power shutdowns coming this week, their PSPS chart shows an elevated potential of a shutdown on Wednesday and Thursday in Zones 2, 3, 4 and 5. That would turn off power to hundreds of thousands of NorCal residents.

The power shutdowns have caused mass outrage from NorCal residents this fire season, especially amidst the reports of corporate greed and mismanagement from the embattled power company. During the last power shutdown that saw power go out for 1.2 million residents, PG&E admitted its equipment may have still started the Kincade Fire, which burned 77,000 acres and destroyed 374 buildings.

Now, not only will NorCal residents see a high risk of fire midweek, we may be once again doing it in the dark.

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