Woman Films as Tahoe Bear Attempts to Crawl Through Cabin Window

She began to film as a big black bear approached her Tahoe cabin. It seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity to film a Tahoe bear and it ended with the woman coming face-to-face with the beast as it attempted to crawl through her window.

Absolutely. Terrifying.

Former NFL player George Foster tweeted the below video of a woman’s encounter with a Tahoe bear:

“Angela. ANGELA! Help me. He’s coming in!” As the bear approaches, the woman continuously calls for Angela, but Angela is nowhere to be found.

The video ends with the bear attempting to crawl through the window and the woman yelling at it, before a quick glimpse of law enforcement at the scene.

Tahoe bears are becoming smarter and more brazen when it comes to getting ahold of human food. Countless reports of home and car break-ins are being reported. Be sure to secure your home and car when in Tahoe.

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