It’s Mid-July and People are Still Skiing at Mammoth Mountain

Photo: Mammoth Mountain

For many of the ski resorts in the United States that were able to stay open late into the summer months, the Fourth of July marked the end of what was an epic winter of 2019. But for Mammoth Mountain, people are still hitting the slopes in droves – and it’s mid-July.

In order to keep its slopes open this late, the resort had to of recorded heck of a winter. Back in February, it broke a 30-year-old snowfall record and had the most snow of any ski resort in North America. Then, three months later, the resort recorded its snowiest May ever.

Now, it remains one of two ski resorts to remain open this late in the summer and currently has no timetable for closing. While the resort’s summer activities are in full swing, you can now bike, golf and ski all in one day.

Here’s what it looks like to ride at Mammoth Mountain in the middle of July:

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