Castle Crags Becomes One of the Last California State Parks to Reopen

Photo by Brandon DesJarlais 

While California State Parks throughout Northern California have been reopening to the public for the past month, many wondered when Castle Crags, one of the most popular in the North State, would once again be open. It was finally announced that the state park would once again be open to the public, one of the last in California to reopen.

Following a 3-month closure due to Covid-19, Castle Crags State Park will reopen with vehicle access, parking lots, trails and even camping accommodations. In other words, the park is completely reopening.

For camping reservations at Castle Crags, go here.

California State Parks have been reopening across the state at a rapid pace this month, with thousands of campsites, parking lots and trails now available to the public who has quarantine fatigue. For a current list of California State Parks open, go here.

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