River Otter Severely Injures Visitor to Lassen’s Manzanita Lake

Following an incident where a visitor to Lassen Volcanic National Park’s Manzanita Lake was “severely injured” by a river otter, the park has asked people to stay away from a certain area of the lake.

While the details of the incident are currently unknown, park officials claimed a person was injured by an otter on June 25th. They have asked people not to enter the water or use soft-sided flotation devices in a small cove highlighted on the below map:

River otters are known to be territorial and aggressive to anyone who approaches them, especially when they have young otters in the area. They have sharp and powerful teeth and sharp claws, making them very dangerous if they approach people with aggression.

Manzanita Lake, sitting right next to the north entrance of the National Park, is a popular place for kayakers, fishermen, hikers and photographers due to its beautiful wildlife and surroundings. Watch our experience at the lake last summer:

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