Mount Shasta Could Receive Another 19 Inches of Snow Over the Next Two Days

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It was a sight we haven’t seen in a while when the clouds cleared over Mount Shasta to reveal the first snow dusting of the season on September 16th. It was a beautiful view that we just never get sick of:

Now, another storm is set to hit the mountain on Tuesday through Thursday that could see over a foot of snow to the mountain, totaling up to 2 feet of snow on the week.

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The National Weather Service released its forecast for the area and it includes an accumulation of 11 to 19 inches of snow on Shasta through Thursday. While the mountain isn’t a stranger to snowfall, this is a unseasonal snowstorm in September.

Here is the NWS’s forecast for the next 36 hours:

Once the storm is over, we’ll go back to the normal mild, sunny days typically seen in the fall in Northern California. But it’s fun to think of our upcoming winter days on the snowy mountains!

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