Mt. Shasta Ski Park Received TWICE the Amount of Snow Forecast – 4 More Feet on the Way

Photo: Mt. Shasta Ski Park

The first epic storm of 2021 is already off to a fast start as the mountain regions of Northern California are currently being covered in fresh snow. As the storms continue to build moisture over the Pacific Ocean, meteorologists keep adding to the snow forecast. If the first storm is any indication, we may exceed all snow forecasts for the week.

The first Sunday-Monday storm was the weakest of the three this week, expected to bring four inches of snow to Mt. Shasta Ski Park. When the workers at the ski park woke up this morning, they were greeted with double that amount – 8 inches:

Photo: Mt. Shasta Ski Park

Even with that good news, the best snowfall is yet to come. Two more storms are on the way with the potential to bring four more feet to the mountain by Friday. What a storm:

If you’re heading up to the mountains, be sure to check the roads and expect dangerous conditions on the ride. Chain controls are expected throughout the week, with the Wednesday expected to drop snow below 1,000 feet.

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