Odyssey 700: Watch Bikers Ride 700 Miles Through NorCal in Epic ‘Bikepacking’ Adventure

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ryan Spitz is at it again.

First, he ran 330-miles from Arcata to Mount Shasta to create an ultra trail running event in Northern California (that unfortunately was postponed due to Covid-19). Now he’s packing up his bike and blazing a trail for future generations of outdoor adventurers to come.

Spitz, along with Vinnie Ammon, Jasper Hudson and a film crew (wonderfully filmed by Eric Leslie), embarked on a 700-mile bike ride from the Oregon border to Stinson Beach, just north of San Francisco. The ride, taking 12-days to complete, was possible due to the new outdoor phenomenon known as “bikepacking,” where you load all your camping and survival supplies on your bike and head out into adventure. The ride ventured through the beautiful wilderness of NorCal, packed full of mountain climbs, ocean scenes and river crossings. Here’s the full map of their ride:

The film (above) shows the journey the three men enjoyed along the way, including the hardships (bike mechanical problems), the joy (it’s always fun to watch grown, rugged men have this much fun) and the “sufferfest” (some of the hills they climbed on their bikes were HUGE). But in the end, the journey became a testament to the will of those willing to push the limits in the great outdoors of Northern California.

Spitz is no stranger to this website, as he’s made a name for himself as a trail-running pioneer and, as we like to call him, “NorCal’s New Mapmaker” as he continues to create new routes for outdoor enthusiasts in the area. Joining Spitz was Hudson, the experienced cyclist and owner of Jefferson State Adventure Hub, and Ammon, who quite frankly steals the show in portions of the film as he hilariously screams obscenities at himself riding up a steep hill.

The film not only shows the beauty of Northern California in its deepest wilderness setting, but also the perseverance of people with a goal and a bike. It was created as part of the California Adventure District, which looks to promote Northern California as a hub for adventure in the great outdoors.

Watch the film above to see what it’s like to ride 700 miles through NorCal. Well done, men! You can also watch Spitz’s interview with us on the Talking NorCal podcast, where he talks about this adventure as he was planning it:

Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California

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