Tahoe Family Hears Snoring Noises Under Their Home, Finds a Family of Bears Hibernating

Photo: Bear League

A Tahoe family was befuddled by “snoring-like noises” under their home this winter. They couldn’t locate the source and their neighbors thought they were imagining it.

Turns out, a family of five bears had chosen their home as their chosen destination to hibernate all winter long.

According to a Facebook post from the Bear League, a female black bear had used the unsecured crawl space opening to usher her four cubs under the home for hibernation. After the family heard some movement, their suspicion had grown that a bear was living under their home.

When the Bear League went to the home to get the bear out of the crawl space, they were surprised to see “four active, chubby little bears following her.”

The incident was yet another example of bears cohabitating with humans in the Tahoe Basin. The growing bear population has been heavily documented on this website, with bear-human interactions being both scary and hilarious. Most Tahoe locals are used to the bears in their neighborhoods and sometimes our furry friends can find shelter in odd locations.

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