Bear Casually Opens Door and Strolls into Tahoe CHP Facility

Tahoe bears are becoming much more brash in their actions in search of human food, and on top of that, they seem like they are beginning to mimic the humans they steal the food from.

Another bear video was shared by Tahoe law enforcement and this one is as interesting as it is frightening. The CHP – Donner Pass unit posted a video on social media showing a bear casually standing up, opening their front door and strolling into their Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility.

See the video below:

The officers noticed the bear and were able to scare it out of the facility before it was able to grab some of their food. It was a somewhat usual sight for Tahoe locals in the summer and fall months, when bears roam the area in search of food. But it may be one of the last sightings, with bears preparing to head to hibernation for the winter.

Bear sightings have become so prevalent in the area, it has turned into a brutal legal battle between bear activists, homeowners and wildlife officials. With activists doing anything they can to keep the bears safe, they have been accused of harassing the homeowners and wildlife workers in the area for treating the bears poorly in cases of trespassing.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a close bear encounter in the Tahoe area. Take a look at some of the close encounters in recent years:

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