VIDEO: Bear Falls Through Thin Ice on Frozen Tahoe Pond

The Tahoe region is known for its many bear sightings. From bears breaking into homes, to bears breaking into cars to bears breaking into convenience stores, well, there are a lot of bear break burglars in Tahoe.

But with the large population of bears in the area, there’s also plenty of sightings in the great outdoors. In the above video, watch a suspenseful scene of a bear falling through thin ice on a Tahoe pond. Here’s an explanation from the person who witnessed the whole thing:

“My family was invited to celebrate one of my good friend’s birthday in Lake Tahoe. She rented the house through Airbnb and this is their backyard where we witness this event. On the original video you will hear when the ice started to crack. These whole scenario lasted 4 mins. My friends tried to call Animal Control, but before they were able to speak to someone, the bear was able to pull himself up.”

Thankfully, the bear made it out unscathed. What an incredible video!

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